2020 Spring Semester Final Examination Notice

    The 2020 spring semester final examination will be conducted as follows.


  1. Dates: Monday June 22 - Saturday June 27

  2. Students must take the final exam during an in-person class.

  3. The in-person exam must be conducted in a classroom large enough for students to have one empty seat on all four sides. Disinfection guidelines must also be followed.

  4. In order to secure an appropriate classroom, weeknights and Saturdays can be assigned as exam periods. Most of KU’s facilities, including the SK Future Hall, will be made available.

  5. In extreme cases, online exams are possible, but only with the consent of the students. In addition, since many complaints about the fairness of online exams have been filed, online exams are permitted only when the fairness of the exam can be guaranteed.

  6. If some students cannot attend the in-person exam due to travel restrictions imposed in Korea or abroad, the instructor may replace the exam with assignments.


     May 2020

    Vice President for Academic Affairs