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About Us

Established in 1977, the Department of Mathematics Education has produced more than 1200 alumni. Some graduates have entered graduate schools to further their studies, while others have pursued careers in the fields of teaching and education, computer science, finance, and business. The department has also yielded 13 professors in mathematics and mathematics education.
There are currently six faculty members who are experts in the fields of analysis, algebra, geometry, and mathematics education. The mathematics education curriculum is composed of courses in general education, mathematics, mathematics education, and pedagogy. The minor-, dual-, and double major policy at the university offers students the opportunity to design their studies by combining different majors, allowing them to enter diverse fields.
Admission grades and applicant rates of mathematics education-major freshmen has shown a year-on-year increase. This is due to the rising number of alumni entering various professional sectors in society as well as passing the teacher certification examination and receiving recommended credentials.

Educational Objectives

We aim to foster outstanding secondary school teachers and high-quality scholars by offering courses in theories and practices in which mathematics teachers should possess. Students study various fields in modern mathematics including but not limited to analysis, geometry, algebra, topology, and applied mathematics. Through our excellent program, we support students to become talented teachers or advanced academics who can creatively carry out research in the fields of mathematics and mathematics education.