[4/23 Update] Contingency Plan for conducting classes after May 4th


In the notice as of April 13, we informed you that the mandatory implementation of online lectures was to be extended to May 2nd and that plans for conducting classes after May 4th would be announced immediately after the decision of the Academic Affairs Committee on April 22nd in accordance with the government's quarantine guidelines for the COVID-19 virus.


As you may well know, the government announced that it will extend nationwide social distancing implemented in a slightly relaxed form until May 5th and announced plans to transition to 'everyday life quarantine' starting May 6th if the COVID-19 situation becomes reliably and consistently manageable.


In the last few days, the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 hovered around 10, suggesting a stable downward trend compared to the last two months. However, the government is maintaining a very cautious position regarding elementary, middle, and high school students returning to school.


In consideration of the above circumstances and the situation of online lectures conducted at the university, the Academic Affairs Committee has decided as follows:


  1. Physically-attended classes will be permitted from May 11th on the condition it be provided in parallel, both online and offline.

      : Physically-attended classes are permitted on the condition that the content be 1) delivered online in real-time or 2) taped or recorded and provided as online content to allow students who could not or did not attend physically-attended classes to be able to participate online.


    2. For small classes of 30 people or less, conducting physically-attended classes is also possible but only with the consent of all students and securing a classroom that allows distancing.

      : Particularly, for lectures where online education is not appropriate, such as lab training, if the above two conditions are met, classes may be conducted solely through a physical-attendance format and online content need not be provided.


    3. If physical-attendance classes are conducted, all necessary quarantine measures will be fully and faithfully implemented in accordance with the government's quarantine guidelines.

      : The government has provided quarantine guidelines for physically-attended classes for universities and colleges in the event social distancing transitions to normal distancing behavior. When physically-attended classes are conducted, we plan to diligently implement the government's preventive guidelines. We encourage all students and faculty members of Korea University to strictly follow personal quarantine guidelines as doing so will help prevent undesirable outcomes in physically-attended classes. The government will provide guidance on the details of the preventive guidelines, which will be provided separately.


    4. From May 6th to 8th, university buildings will be opened for three days in preparation for physically-attended classes and pilot measures will be implemented.

      : To prepare for physically-attended classes, for three days starting on May 6th we will pilot necessary preventive measures such as conducting fever checks, providing hand disinfection, and ensuring that masks are worn. Preventive measures will be developed and enforced at the school head office level. Please cooperate with the preventive measures when entering or leaving the campus.


    5. Conducting the entire semester through online courses is still possible.

      : Conducting online lectures without physically-attended classes for the rest of the semester is still possible, depending on the opinions of the professor in charge and the students. We will continue striving to improve the quality of online lectures.


    6. In executing parallel online and offline courses, students should not face any disadvantage regardless of their chosen method of participation.

      : In terms of class quality and grade evaluation, students who participate only online should not be differentiated from those who participate in person on campus.


    7. Attendance requirements during the mandatory period for online lectures should be minimally or not be reflected in grades.

: Korea University has implemented autonomy over attendance verification as a school policy. In addition, online class attendance checks are less guaranteed than physically-attended lectures. Therefore, in principle, attendance during the mandatory period for online lectures should be minimally or not be reflected in grades.


No one can predict when and how the COVID-19 issue, which seems to be managed stably at this time, will change. If the situation changes, lecture requirements and details of the preventive guidelines may change as well. As we have mentioned repeatedly, we are faced with an unprecedented situation and we are dealing with measures to address this for the first time. We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding.