1. Eligibility

a. KU student who has earned 102(106) or more credits and registered 7 or more regular semesters.

b. Transfer student with a Bachelor’s degree, should be classified as 4th year student.

c. student in senior year pursuing dual degree is not eligible.

2. Key Points

a. Maximum 6 credits can be applied.

b. Credit withdrawal is allowed only once during the entire school years.

c. Courses have not yet evaluated should be counted out of bound.

d. Any requisite courses (general education core courses, major core courses, college of education courses, etc) can not apply for credit withdrawal.

e. On the academic transcript, “W” will be typed on the courses withdrawn instead of the original grades.

f. Students can not apply for credit withdrawal for repeated courses. Upon withdrawal completed, the course cannot be repeated.

g. Once course withdrawal is submitted it cannot be retracted.


3. Course range

a. Courses taken before spring semester, 2014

b. Courses terminated eternally among course taken from spring semester, 2014


4. Application Period * Student can choose only one of the two periods.

1st application period : April 8(Wed) 10:00 April 24(Fri) 17:00

2nd application period : June 22(Mon) 10:00 July 3(Fri) 17:00


5. How to request : KUPID -> ‘Registration/Graduation’ -> ‘Grades’ -> ‘Credit Withdrawal’. For more information, see below.


March, 2020


Office of Academic Affairs